schweizen is a dynamic film production company founded in 2010 to boost international and Colombian features and documentaries by innovative talent. We seek to explore the contemporary, the revolutionary, the politically urgent, the culturally challenging… Along with new titles for cinema schweizen has different TV series projects in development.


A Vanishing Fog

by Augusto Sandino
Feature – 75min
Colombia, Czech Republic, Norway, USA (English & Sunapakún)

The hallucinatory days of F pass by in the unusual and majestic wasteland of Sumapaz. F, heir and guardian of the territory, carefully takes care of his father. His lonely life is interrupted by Agents of progress who threaten to destroy his fragile balance, forcing him to escape after an agonizing farewell.

In postproduction

A Lomo y Herradura

by Mario Viana García & Nicolás Viana García
Documentary – 72min
Colombia (Spanish)

An isolated community lives in a desolate territory, resisting the onslaught generated by the armed conflict and the construction of a hydroelectric megaproject. Arrería is part of their legacy and at the same time a form of resistance.

In postproduction

The Shape of Now

by Manuel Correa
Documentary – 70min
Colombia, Norway (Spanish)

Do you remember the war? Ask seven people and you will have seven different versions. The Shape of Now is a creation documentary that seeks to present the difficulties of historical reconstruction for a peaceful future.


The Tower

by Sebastián Múnera
Feature/Experimental – 78min
Colombia, México (Spanish)

In 2004, a bomb exploded in the public library of Medellín in Colombia. Only one photo exists of the attack, which was never solved. While the calmly moving camera glides lovingly through the building, time and light pass. The result is a brave and poetic attempt to keep history alive.


Gentle Breath

by Augusto Sandino
Feature – 90min
Colombia (Spanish)

Three members of the same family experience love at different stages of their lives. Dolores, an older woman who had a lover for thirty years; Rafael, a former sportsman who could never consolidate a family and Laura, a teenage girl who faces a crossroads that can change her fate.


Karen Cries on the Bus

by Gabriel Rojas
Feature – 98min
Colombia (Spanish)

After ten years of marriage, Karen realizes all what she has left behind. Tired of everything, she decides to leave her husband and start from scratch. She will soon have to decide between returning to comfort or, for the first time, taking over her own life.



We can easily take you to uncharted places of the diverse Colombian geography to satisfy your most ambitious vision. You will be amazed to see what we have access to. We scout locations to deliver your specific needs and take care of all legal aspects and logistics involved incost-effective ways. We work with bilingual (Spanish/English) speaking professionals and crew members in all phases of filmmaking, from concept to delivery.


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We promote and distribute fascinating award-winning international feature-length films with theatrical potential for the Colombian market.


Nubia Stella Cubillos

CEO - Executive Producer

Nubia has succeeded in cultural management and fundraising for the arts sector for more than 30 years. She has been advisor to the Ministry of Culture and the Instituto Caro y Cuervo. With a strong background in the world of fine arts as curator and gallerist and as literature and poetry publisher, she bursts into film production to provide criteria and added value to everything we do at the company.

Augusto Sandino

Founder and Creative Director

Augusto has the experience of having worked for several years on major Hollywood productions, as well as on films made with a handful of friends and a few pesos. He is a passionate cinema thinker and loves interesting risks.

Sergio Esquenazi

Writer and Director

Sergio began his career directing commercials in Los Angeles. A natural born and skillful writer-director with a special talent and craftmanship for genre filmmaking, he has penned and helmed two very successful TV series in Argentina. All his six flicks for the big screen have been distributed in over 30 countries. We are now developing new formats and original content that combine high-concept horror, crime and psychological thriller.

Juan Pablo Benavides

Chief Financial Officer

Certified Public Accountant and financial management specialist from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá. With  almost 40 years of professional practice, Juan Pablo keeps our clients’ administration and tax numbers in mint condition as he has served as fiscal auditor and controller at major public, private and multinational companies.

Felisa Jiménez


Committed to social and natural conservation sectors at heart, Felisa is responsible for reading, re-reading and analyzing all the materials that come to us. She oversees the development of the international and domestic projects and contents in which we will work.

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